Morgan's Canon

Marketing insights & reflections, written for people that believe business can be a force for good

About the blog

Morgan's Canon is primarily an opportunity to explore marketing and business, with a hint of leadership, ethics and philosophy.

It's written for marketers and early stage companies that want to craft truly special experiences for their users and customers.

What is Morgan's Canon?

Morgan's Canon is a principle of comparative psychology developed by C. Lloyd Morgan. Essentially it states that you shouldn't attribute behavior to more complicated reasoning if a more basic explanation exists. In other words: don't over think it, don't over complicate it. Animals behave as animals because they have survival as the primary driver of behavior.

My personal opinion is that we often overcomplicate why people take actions, too.

If we look to define things simply, understand motivations simply, we're more likely to be able to accurately and effectively influence and motivate. We often think people are playing chess when they really aren't actively thinking at all.

The author

My name is Sean Collins. I work at a creative agency in New York City where we primarily focus on ecommerce for wellness brands. My work primarily deals with strategy, with data and analysis, and with trying to build an incredible user experience that begins with their initial search on a search engine, and carries through their website experience, every email they receive, text messages, and even the purchase process & unboxing.


I'm from a small town in the middle of no where...I describe it by listing places that are a few hour drive away.

I moved to Boston for college and then served as an Army officer for a number of years.

I've started a few companies, only one which ever emerged past a side-hustle attempt. That one, though, has blossomed into a thriving company in Nashville, Tennessee.

As you'll learn if you read my writing, I believe that businesses should be a force for good, a change mechanism, and offer the best chance we as a society have of improving and solving problems. The company in Nashville reflects that, and is working to build a world that is fueled by renewable energy. We chose to work towards this end by working with builders to design, build, certify and sell homes that are ultra-energy efficient.

Now I work at a creative agency, leading a team that focuses on strategy, analytics and owned channels (conversational marketing channels like email & SMS, SEO and content marketing).