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Apply to people, not to jobs

The most important part of any job, and for your future growth, is always overlooked and only considered from a "chemistry" perspective. Fix that in yourself and fix your job search.

We've been taught to look for jobs based on short-term factors. Shifting your consideration and evaluation criteria will allow you to adapt to a system that focuses on your long-term growth, success and happiness.

This one tweak will change your life, in the day to day and for years to come, and I do not say that in hyperbole.

Devote 5 minutes to reading this, and 10 to reflecting on it.

What Ron Swanson can teach you about marketing

If you aren't familiar with Ron Swanson and the show Parks and Rec, turn on Netflix and watch it. There are 126 episodes and according to Bingeclock it will take you 2 days and 15 hours to watch it all. I'll wait.

Ron Swanson has literally hundreds of hysterical (and oddly wise) quotes, but in keeping to the advice of this post, we'll focus on one.

If you're feeling stretched thin or aren't sure you'll have time to read a whole post because you need to post on IG, FB, comment on Twitter, send a newsletter and record a fun new TikTok to go viral then you need to shut up, sit down and read this. This is specifically for you.

Sit down, shut up and read this. This is what you need right now.

This Book Was Published in 1936 And Will Fix Your Digital Marketing

Dale Carnegie famous work "How to Win Friends and Influence People" has been read, referenced and quoted by some of the greatest business minds the world. Written in 1936, he wasn’t specifically writing about digital marketing but he  may as well have been. Six tenets within it are exactly what it takes to build a successful, data-driven strategy for digital marketing that focuses on the user experience, on personalization, and on brand development.

This ain’t your average book report.

Keep reading to learn the key tenets that will explode your growth and customer retention

Are You a Doctor or Waiter?

There is a clear difference in the expectations of how customers interact with doctors and how they interact with waiters.

This very expectation difference gets set between you and your clients, and it is the quickest way to devalue yourself, your brand and your expertise.

Keep reading to learn the difference and see if you're devaluing yourself to your client